Dear Friends,

We are going on a month-long break.

But stick around!

This will only be a short break, during which we will: focus on our loved ones; recuperate, distil, and declutter our minds; spend some time on other writing (fiction?); develop new features for our website; and do PhDs, jobs, chores, and other human things. Then we will come back even stronger!

We hit some big milestones this year. Not least, with brimming pride, we can say that we: delivered a philosophy article every week for an entire year(!); collaborated with contributors from all around the world, creating completely original content for our different themes, Art, Existentialism, Film, Metaphysics, Politics, Science, and Society; continuously produced philosophy ‘shorts’ across our social media channels, developing our style in the process; and, on social media, accrued followers, who we love meaningfully engaging with, in one strongly bound philosophy community.

Our social media accounts will remain open. Links to these are at the bottom this page next to a link to our donation page.

If you want to collaborate in the future, send us a private message or email us at and we’ll get back to you soon enough.

Now, in tune with our month of rest, we leave you with the very first article we published after our rebranding in November 2019: a philosophy-of-film review of Awakenings (1990), featuring Robin Williams as Dr Oliver Sacks in a touching real-life story. Patients have been in catatonic states for years. Then, following successful medical interventions, they awaken. Will the treatment last? Dare they hope for a normal life once more?

Running The Human Front has always been an absolute joy and pleasure. So, for sure, there will be a second awakening, from which we will re-emerge to create more philosophy.

Thank you, everyone, for being part of this journey. We can’t wait to continue it.

‘One life; one chance—or, in the case of Awakenings’—and The Human Front—‘two’.

Until next time,

The Human Front