Caricature of a woman's health magazine
Ain't this close to the truth?

In the world of celebrities the notion of entertainment has been consumed and diluted into a giant, money-sucking monster with fake tits and shiny white teeth. Its culture is personified by Kim Kardashian and exemplified by the dark world of glossy magazines.

We inhabit a society in which celebrities lead prominent lives. The media provides so many platforms for this such that we can be influenced—TV, social media, radio, tabloids, music channels … As mere humans, we’re eroded to the bones of our insecurities.

‘This is ideal, of course: keep the masses ignorant and pacified on the couch; distract them with violence, death, and illusions of celebrity. Reduce resistance and thought: make them choose the bland over the brilliant; the meaningless over the thoughtful … This is now what people around the world accept as normal.’

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