We are excited to launch a new section on our website. We bring you … [drum roll] …


We’ve been working on Pocket-Sized Philosophy behind the scenes for a while now and we’re excited to finally announce its arrival.

Pocket-Sized Philosophy is a section on our website which contains digestible, quick-read content. In Pocket-Sized Philosophy you can read and share your favourite content, as featured on social media, as well as other original contributions. Small yet thoughtful; our new section is perfect for reading philosophy on the move.

But don’t stop reading just yet, for there’s even more news!

The Human Front has massively grown in content over the last year; we’ve therefore developed some new features for our website to help you navigate through it all. These include:

  • a search bar to help you find our articles by keyword.
  • a new layout for easier navigation (smaller images in grids).
  • Lazy Loading of images to help those with slower internet connections load content up more quickly.

As always, this is a free resource made out of pure enjoyment. If you share our passion for philosophy, explore our website now and read and share away!