Dear Followers,

The Human Front is an ongoing project which began many years ago on WordPress—in 2012, in fact. Starting out as a blog on religion, we are now a purveyor of philosophy.

The Human Front relaunched in November 2019—and things got a lot better: we now operate as a team; we have multiple contributors from all around the world; we have a neat and content-full website; we run an email list and successful Instagram and Tumblr pages. These are exciting times!

Personally, running this service sustains me in the best kind of way: presenting philosophy gives me purpose and provides me with the means to always learn more. I don’t ever want this passion to ever become a job for me or any other member of our team, nor do I want it to stop.

But I do expect time to become scarcer after I start my PhD in September; there are already many errands to perform behind the scenes. Moreover, since my funding opportunity got pulled because of the pandemic, I now know I have to work as I study for the first year at least.

This is in no way an expectation—but if you do want to support us, here’s how:

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But, most of all, I hope you enjoy what we do and continue this journey with us, bound by philosophy! Your support means so much to us.

Until next time,

Founder, The Human Front