What is existentialism?

Dear Friends of Philosophy,

Our community just got bigger: we just reached 1000 followers on Instagram!

We are delighted to reach another milestone on our journey. But this is not the most important thing here, for our biggest source of joy is having more people to engage with—without profit or desire for influence; within a community tied together by a love of philosophy.

To celebrate we are giving away a philosophy book to one lucky follower. This book is a fresh copy of Simone de Beauvoir’s What Is Existentialism? (front cover pictured). To quote one review of this highly praised essay on the human condition:

‘If Sartre's introduction to existentialism can be summarized as "Man is condemned to be free", de Beauvoir's introduction can be summarized as "And after that?".’

To have a chance of winning all you have to do is like this post on Instagram!

We will draw the name of the lucky winner at random at the end of the week (Sunday 27th June 23:59 BST). The announcement will come the following day.

Until then,

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